GEFA Studios

GEFA Studios

Great Eastern Financial Advisers (GEFA) is proud to bring to you - GEFA Studios!

At GEFA Studios, you will discover financial planning concepts made simple through a series of short videos on various topics trending in the market.

Reach for a Great learning journey with us!

Watch these videos to find out more.

GEFA 10th Anniversary: Office Premises
Our offices are situated at key locations throughout, from the East to the West of Singapore, all created with the 3 Es in mind: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Empowerment
GEFA 10th Anniversary: Unique Business Model
As a member of the OCBC Group, Great Eastern Financial Advisers, GEFA, features an impressive line-up of partnered offerings. Providing you with a Unique Business Model to develop your career.
GEFA 10th Anniversary: IWS
Experience an all-inclusive suite of wealth mangement services with GEFA's Integrated Wealth Solutions, IWS.
GEFA 10th Anniversary: Digitisation

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Great Eastern was the first to implement a non-face-to-face digital platform providing opportunities for our financial consultants to thrive in the digital realm.
GEFA 10th Anniversary: Financial Growth

GEFA has achieved a flawless track record of soaring financials since our inception in 2011.
GEFA 10th Anniversary: Largest Financial Advisory Firm

To date, we have achieved over 10 times of our initial strength and have established ourselves as the largest financial advisory firm in Singapore.
GEFA 10th Anniversary: Ten on 10

Celebrating 10 proud years as the #lifeproof company, GEFA is poised to embark on the next phase of business growth. Here are 10 things you should know about GEFA.
GEFA 10th Anniversary: Parentage

As a subsidiary of the most established life insurance and banking group in Singapore, GEFA boasts a prominent reputation alongside OCBC Group and Great Eastern Holdings.
Training Facilities

Featuring our training centre with top notch selection of professional courses, an interactive experience centre for professional and casual engagements - a full service centre with support team.
As the leading financial advisory firm in Singapore, GEFA have always been looking towards functionality and innovation in crafting solutions for clients - join us in our march towards excellence and live #lifeproof.
Your Family, Our Family

First in the insurance industry.
GEFA will work with you to design a curated structure that is unique to your family needs.

Take Flight With Us Towards The #LIFEPROOFCAREER


Strap in for the flight with Pamela, a former flight attendant, as she shares about the skill-sets she'd attained from her previous role and how that enabled her leap towards the #LIFEPROOFCAREER​.
Skip This Video If You Have Cancer Insurance Coverage

Getting diagnosed with cancer is something nobody would ever wish for. We understand the bearing of physical and emotional toll by patients. But more often than not, they are saddled with financial burdens. This is why you should select a comprehensive plan carefully.

Join Angeline as she shares 3 important facts on cancer insurance coverage and why you may be in a greater risk than you think.
Are ILPs Really That GREAT? Dissection of ILP to Give You The BEST!

Whole Life Policies vs Investment-Linked Policies (ILPs), which is better?

Meet Ace, as he shared on the outstanding differences between both policies and how ILPs may be a better choice than you think.



Biggest Misconceptions About Critical Illness Coverage

Do you know that the cost of Critical Illness can put a person under a major financial crisis?
And not understanding the policy can lead to claim rejection?

In this video, our Senior Director Ivan Chee, will share the misconceptions and facts on Critical Illness policies. 

Live A Great Life, Leave A Greater Legacy

Legacy planning is a financial strategy on how you believe your next generation can live a successful and productive life. While this is a complex and emotional topic, it should not be excluded in your life plan. However, there are many myths that can lead you think otherwise.

Daniel Tan, our Executive Senior Manager, will identify and debunk three myths, so that you will not fall for them and better understand the real purpose of legacy planning.

GEFA #TrueCareer

True to yourself, True to work ethics, True to work-life balance.

At GEFA, we build people. Join a Career, the True Career of a Lifetime.

Get Real: Expect The Unexpected

Meet Vincent Oo, from a young athlete, who went through tough times during his heart surgeries. Hear from him how he handled these situations.

3 Essential Tips for Children's Education Planning

Saving for education is one of the most worthwhile things you can do for your child, but it poses a challenge if you do not know where to start. Let's hear from Reena as she shared more on children's education planning.

Save on your Home Loan Instalments

You home loan is likely to be your biggest monthly expenses.

Watch our Executive Senior Director, Colin Ong's video, and learn how you can save more on your home loans.

3 Tips to Help You Save

The hardest thing about saving money is just getting started. Let our consultant Naomi Chua share with you 3 tips that will help you develop a simple and realistic approach to save and meet all you financial goals.

Saving As Easy As 4-3-2-1

Saving may not be as easy as what you think.

Must watch out Senior Manager, Naomi sharing on the concept of saving and learn how to cultivate the habit of saving money.

3 Pitfalls of Financial Planning

Financial planning is the process of managing your assets and liabilities together to create the life you envision. However, many of us make mistakes when exploring different financial tools. 

Let us hear from Senior Manager, Huang Zhongyong, highlights 3 mistakes that you should avoid. 

Nominate Right To Secure Your Love

The fundamental of buying insurance is to provide protection to your loved ones and making an inurance nomination allows the distribution of policy proceeds according to your wishes.

Find out from Executive Senior Financial Consultant, Chua Cirong, on how insurance nomination works and its advantages.

Does Your MediShield Life Provides Sufficient Coverage For Your Pregnancy?

Getting ready for parenthood is an exciting journey in life. As pregnancy is the most crucial phase, you definitely want to ensure that both mother and baby are sufficiently covered and will not have to compromise on health care.

Must watch our Associate Director, Jason Thian's video, and understand the importance of Maternity Plan.


Reimbursement vs Compensation

Are you confused by the term 'Reimbursement' and 'Compensation'?
Knowing these plan types will prepare you for evaluating options. 

Let us hear from our Executive Senior Financial Consultant, Fiona Foo, and understand the difference between them.


Financial Planning As Simple As A-B-C-D

Why do people find financial planning so difficult?
It may not seems so.

Our Senior Director, Vincent Gan, shows you how you can understand financial planning by applying A-B-C-D. 


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Wholly owned by Great Eastern Holdings Limited
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